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Wine Clash at Pecha Kucha

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Many of our readers are familiar with the Ohio vs. Michigan Wine Clash, the brainchild of Slow Food Columbus member Andrew Hall.  If you’re not, you should be:  It’s a great event, very much in the spirit of Slow Food.  And Andrew will be giving a presentation about the Clash at the next Columbus Pecha Kucha event, on February 11, from 7-9:30 p.m., at the OSU Urban Arts Space at 50 West Town Street.  We’d urge you to attend.

Ohio was the largest wine producer in the U.S. at one time, and while Ohio wines may still be pretty much unknown in such faraway places as Burgundy and the Napa Valley, by God, they’ve heard of us in Michigan.  That’s due in no small part to Andrew’s efforts.

We have to admit, when we started this chapter we didn’t think much about incorporating local wines into our events.  Kamal Boulos of The Refectory was the first to suggest Ohio wines with a dinner at one of our events—and not just any Ohio wines but red ones.  We took him up on it (nervously!) and were pleasantly surprised by the 2004 Busch-Harris R4 Cabernet.  After that, we asked Andrew to recommend some Ohio wines for our locavore dinner at Flying J Farm—and unbeknownst to us, the idea for the Clash was born.

The thing that makes all of this so interesting is that Andrew doesn’t work for the Ohio grape industry or any of the wineries.  Nor is he a dyed-in-the-wool locavore, or naïve about wine (far from it, in fact).  His reasons for taking on this massive endeavor are… well, come out on Thursday and hear them for yourself.

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