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Time for Lunch campaign launches

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TFLThis morning marks the launch of Slow Food USA’s Time For Lunch campaign, the organization’s first coordinated nationwide effort to bring about change in the American food system by focusing the attention of consumers on its shortcomings. (There is a blog post here that explains the campaign, and an official Time for Lunch homepage here with more information about how you can get involved by signing a petition, contacting your legislators, and getting involved in an event on the day of action chosen by Slow Food USA — Labor Day, September 7.)

Last week, we sent out a notice in the newsletter asking people who were interested in planning and organizing an event on September 7 to email us and let us know.  Once we’ve received all of your responses we’ll be having a meeting of interested parties to discuss exactly what form the event should take.  Some members of the convivium have been brainstorming ideas already, and we’ve kept track of some interesting ones to propose, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and get in on the planning at the early stages!

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