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Project: Ark of Taste Nominations and Promotion

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Background. The U.S. Ark of Taste, like its counterpart in Italy, is a catalog of hundreds of delicious foods that have been deemphasized by the industrialized food system to the point that they are little-known and rarely consumed, even in the regions in which they are produced. The goal of reintroducing them into the food system is to give consumers a wider range of outstanding, sustainable foods from which to choose.

We seek to promote Ark of Taste products to farmers, markets, and chefs in the sustainable food movement, as well as to promote Ark producers to consumers.

State of Project Development. Ongoing.

What We Have. One Committee of Slow Food Columbus is devoted to biodiversity, which primarily involves Ark of Taste products.  Slow Food USA has also created downloadable Farmer’s Market signs to help farmers promote their Ark of Taste products.

What We Need.

  • Help spreading the word to farmers and chefs about the Ark of Taste.
  • Help connecting farmers who grow Ark products to customers—restaurants, markets, and consumers.

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