Programs and Committees

Programs and Committees

Slow Food is good, clean and fair food. We believe that the food we eat should taste good; that it should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health; and that food producers should receive fair compensation for their work.

This page describes our general program areas, gives examples of past and potential events in each and provides contact information if you’d like to learn more.


These events help us connect advocates and practitioners of good, clean, and fair food to one another, both within and across local food communities, and to build and sustain conviviality.

Examples of past conviviality events include:

  1. Our Girasole Dinner with Jorgensen Organic Farm, which raised funds to send Central Ohio delegates to Terra Madre
  2. A trip to Slow Food Nation in 2008 (accolades for our folks!)
  3. Our Slow Wine events, kaffeeklatsches at Stauf’s on Sunday mornings, and various potluck dinners for members

Committee members:  Colleen Yuhn (chair); Lynne Genter; Debra O’Molesky; Drew Shonk

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Taste Education

These events help us reawaken and train our senses, so we can rediscover the joys of eating and understand the importance of caring where our food comes from, who makes it and how it’s made.

Examples of past taste education events include:

  1. honey tasting and tour at Mockingbird Meadows
  2. An heirloom tomato tasting, with over 30 varieties
  3. seed to cup seminar at Stauf’s
  4. An “Off the Menu” dinner at Nida’s Thai on High

Committee members: Molly Kurth (chair); Andrew Dehus; Roland Kopecky

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Programs in this area help us rediscover and publicize forgotten flavors that are threatened by the industrial food system.  They seek to break the cycle of industry incentives for homogenization, dwindling crop variety, and decreasing awareness of alternative options.

Examples of past biodiversity programs include:

  1.  An Ark of Taste tasting at The Hills Market
  2. An attempt, in conjunction with Slow Food Cincinnati, to nominate goetta to the Ark of Taste
  3. A trip to the Pawpaw Festival in Athens
  4. An Ark of Taste harvest dinner with Wayward Seed Farm

Committee members:  Bethia Woolf (chair); Bear Braumoeller; Joshua Grossman; Drew Shonk

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Food Policy

These programs connect us to other members of the progressive food movement and help us all have a stronger voice in promoting positive change in the food system.

Examples of past food policy activities include:

  1. reception for representatives of the progressive food movement from around Ohio at the Department of Agriculture
  2. A seat on the Mid-Ohio Food Policy Council and contribution to the Central Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan

Committee members:  Bear Braumoeller (chair); Andrew Dehus;  Joshua Grossman;  Bethia Woolf

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Slow Food in Schools

Our newest program area, Slow Food in Schools began with Slow Food USA’s Time for Lunch initiative in 2009.  It seeks to improve the quality of the food that is served to children in schools and to enhance their appreciation of it.

Examples of past Slow Food in Schools events include:

  1. Time for Lunch Eat-In, to publicize the need for changes in the pending reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act
  2. A cooking demonstration at Food is Fun! Kids’ Food Day at the Hills Market

Committee members:  Leah Rond (chair); Heather Fidler

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