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Harvest dinner: Ohio’s own Buckeye chicken

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Back before chickens were bred to grow to a large size very quickly, there was the Buckeye chicken—an animal that was raised because it actually tastes good. As the name implies, the Buckeye chicken was developed right here in Ohio, but due to their scarcity they’ve been added to Slow Food’s Ark of Taste program. (You may have read about the Ark, and the Buckeye chicken, in Edible Columbus.) Buckeyes have meaty thighs and powerful wings and take longer to raise than standard industrial breeds. Is the difference worth it? We invite you to come find out.

Slow Food Columbus is partnering again with Rick Lopez and his amazing team at Knead Urban Diner to provide a seasonal harvest dinner, served family style, that will highlight the Buckeye chicken. In the spirit of sustainability, it will be a “beak to tail” dinner; moreover, Chef Rick has promised, just for us, to make his favorite chicken recipe of all time: Zuni Cafe Chicken. Join us on Monday, November 12th at 7:00 p.m. Tickets available here.

Preliminary menu: Smoked chicken heart pate on Krista’s rosemary bread – Pan- fried chicken livers over polenta with saba and apple salad. – Fresh sage pasta, with chicken broth. – roast chicken hunter’s style. – Zuni cafe roast chicken. Sides will include greens with pinenuts, and raisins, leek gratine, roasted turnips- A pumpkin tart or crespelle, with local wines. Sides are subject to change.

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