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FODPOne of the most remarkable changes in Columbus, as well as in the country more generally, in the past decade has been the growth in interest in food and food-related issues. This interest has led to a focus on the improvement of all levels of the American food system — improving access to good, clean, and fair food; promoting local agriculture; practicing sustainability; eradicating hunger; improving the quality of school meals and children’s health.

Many of these goals are pursued, with different degrees of emphasis, by nonprofits and organizations like Simply Living, Local Matters, Slow Food, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, the American Community Gardening Association, and others. Working separately, they accomplish remarkable things.

Working together, they could accomplish even more.

That’s why Slow Food Columbus has launched the Food Organizations Database Project — an attempt to gather contact information and mission statements about food-related organizations in the mid-Ohio region. The database will be free for everyone to consult at any time. The form to use to enter an organization’s information can be found by clicking here, and the database is below it on the same page.

Slow Food’s Columbus chapter is also finalizing the details for a follow-up to the database project — a Local Food Summit, designed to bring together representatives of these organizations to share information about their plans and projects for the coming year and to discuss the possibilities for collaboration in an informal setting. Slow Food member Bethia Woolf deserves special mention as originator of the Food Summit idea and sponsor of the event.

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