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Red Wattle Hog Roast at the Hills Market Downtown

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Saturday, June 8
11:30 am - 8:00 pm

Hills Market Downtown


Join us at the Hills Market downtown on Saturday, June 8 for an old-fashioned hog roast… and we mean really old-fashioned.

The Red Wattle hog was a popular breed in the early years of the United States, but as settlers moved west they were gradually abandoned in favor of fattier breeds. Before long, the only Red Wattle hogs left were feral animals that roamed the hills of eastern Texas. In the 1970s, H. C. Wengler re-domesticated the Red Wattle and established it as a breed.  Red Wattles are lean and juicy, with a rich, slightly beefy flavor.

red-wattleThe Red Wattle is listed in Slow Food’s Ark of Taste—a catalog of delicious foods that have been neglected by the industrial food system and are in danger of disappearing. In the case of the Red Wattle, there are approximately 2,000 individuals worldwide. The goal of the Ark is as simple as it is ingenious: To preserve and popularize these foods by consuming them—in short, eat them to save them.

That’s what we’ll be doing at the Hills Market on June 8. We’ve procured two Red Wattle hogs from Neil Perin at Arcadian Acres, near Athens. Neil ensures that his hogs are raised organically and soy-free on pasture and in the forest, where they can find all the acorns, hickory nuts, and walnuts they can eat. We’ll be preparing them for guests of the Downtown Luau, a joint event between the Hills Market Downtown and the Grass Skirt Tiki Room that will feature independent vendors like Terra Madre delegate Abbe Turner of Lucky Penny Farm Creamery and Cara Mangini of the impressively sustainable littleeatery. After 6, take a stroll along Gay Street’s Moonlight Market and check out some of the area’s vendors and artisans.

We hope you can join us to celebrate and help preserve this exceptional breed… and of course, to have a lot of fun doing it.



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