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March to Support Fair Food

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Sunday, March 9
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Wendy's Corporate Headquarters


Friends of Slow Food,

We have an opportunity to make a big difference in the American food system this weekend, and we urge you to take part.

We’ve written about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers before. Since the slave-labor conditions that these workers suffer in Florida’s tomato fields was brought to light in 2009, the CIW has worked to secure fair food agreements with major retailers around the country. They’ve succeeded with Yum Brands, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Chipotle, but they have yet to make any headway with Dublin-based Wendy’s.

This weekend, Ohio Fair Food wants to change that. They’ve asked us to join 50-70 Immokalee workers and hundreds of food justice activists from around the country on the Ohio leg of their “Now is the Time” tour. Events include:

Saturday, March 8
6:30pm — Vigil at Wendy’s (9th & High, OSU campus, Columbus)
8:30pm — Community Concert at Summit UMC (82 E 16th, Columbus)

Sunday, March 9
2:00pm — MARCH TO WENDY’S HQ FOR FARMWORKER JUSTICE! (Meet at Coffman Park, 5200 Emerald Pkwy, Dublin; roughly 45 min. walk along 161 through Dublin)

More details are here, on their Facebook page.

Please consider coming out for some or all of these events. One of the most awful and pernicious aspects of the industrialized food system is its secrecy: as you well know, when voting with your fork it can be a big challenge to do so ethically. Uncovering and publicizing the plight of workers in Florida’s tomato fields was a huge step forward. Please join us in showing the management of Wendy’s how strongly their neighbors object to their continued support of these practices.

Thank you.

Bear Braumoeller
Chair, Chapter Board
Slow Food Columbus

p.s. If you’re looking for something warm to wear, consider showing your colors with a Slow Food Columbus hoodie, by American Apparel, from Skreened.

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  1. Wilson MIchael says:

    How about: Just get a REAL JOB.. yea. If you CHOOSE to work at the bottom of the barrel (non mgr in fast food), you GET the bottom of the barrel, and that is LIFE. Always have, always will be. God I hate liberals they’re sooo stupid and contradictory and most don’t even know why they’re a liberal in any fiscal talk. Ever notice they’re almost always the low end types? The have nots with no drive, yet a college degree? Blowing their money irresponsibly? Always crying instead of really trying? Quote from a protester: “We don’t want to have to take medicare for health care” (??) Thats the OsamaCare you asked for.. whats wrong, isn’t welfare-care good enough for you? Want free government cheese too that you don’t have to work for?. I started at bottom of barrel and now make 80k a year with no college degree just certifications, I didn’t complain like these pathetic losers. A company is in business to make a PROFIT, they can pocket all they want, you took the job! Then STEP ASIDE BABIES and let the ILLEGAL alien take your job, they will happily take your current wage.

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