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Breaking Bread with Dan the Baker

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Tuesday, February 27
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Toast Bar


27368989_1773640686000727_1266955505566103346_oJoin Slow Food Columbus for a delicious look behind the scenes of artisan bread bakery, Dan the Baker. On Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 6 p.m., owner Dan Riesenberger will open his kitchen and share his love and knowledge of sourdough breads and heritage grains. He’ll show us how he uses time-honored techniques to get the deep, flavorful crusts and complex crumbs for which he’s known. We’ll taste a variety of sourdough breads, too, enjoying samples with Dan’s made-in-house cultured butter.


About Dan the Baker
Dan Riesenberger has been baking professionally since 2007. From discovering the benefits of sourdough breads to building and operating a stone hearth, he has had a strong passion for producing wholesome breads for his community. Dan the Baker’s artisan breads are deftly created from 100% organic grains, using the ancient method of sourdough fermentation. For most of our breads, we use only our wild leaven to raise the dough. This time-honored technique imparts a beautiful complexity and savor to our bread, and yields easily digestible loaves. For additional information, please visit Dan the Baker’s webpage by clicking here.

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