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We know that’s a predictable suggestion, coming from us. But membership in Slow Food has changed a lot recently, and the changes are for the better. For example:

  • Membership no longer costs $60. You can now become a member with a donation of as much or as little (down to a minimum of $25) as you’d like. The flipside is that there are no longer joint “couples” memberships—but two of you can still join for less than you would have paid previously.
  • Slow Food USA’s membership system is much improved. Members used to complain that they weren’t notified when their membership was about to expire. Now, you should be… and, more importantly, you can specify a repeating monthly or annual donation so that you never have to worry about it.
  • We now get some of the money! In the past, 100% of membership fees went to Slow Food USA. People have told us that they’d rather donate to the local chapter than be a member of the national organization, to help fund local initiatives. We’re fine with that!—but you no longer have to choose. 1/3 of the money from every new membership goes to local chapters (and 1/3 goes to Slow Food International).
  • It’s still tax-deductible. You can improve the food system while lowering your tax burden. Win!!
  • We make it worth your while with steep member discounts and members-only events (like the always-popular farm-to-table dinner at Flying J Farm). This hasn’t changed, technically—we’re just still committed to doing it.

So if you’d like to renew or join, go to and sign up now. We look forward to seeing you at future events!

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