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Announcing Central Ohio’s Delegates to Terra Madre 2014

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Terra_Madre_WorldSlow Food USA has announced the names of Central Ohio’s delegates to the Terra Madre conference in Turin, Italy in October.  Terra Madre is a conference sponsored by the international Slow Food organization that meets once every two years, with the goal of bringing together the farmers, chefs, educators, activists, and others who together comprise the heart of the international sustainable-food movement to discuss issues of common interest and share knowledge.  (For more details see our post, “What Is Terra Madre?”)  Out of the 5,000 Terra Madre delegates from around the world, only 400 are chosen from the entire United States in a competitive process.  Their expenses in Italy will be covered by Slow Food; as we have always done, Slow Food Columbus has offered to help cover their travel costs to Italy.


Below are the biographical sketches of the individuals who have been selected as delegates to represent Central Ohio, and the United States, at Terra Madre in the fall.  We hope they’ll give you a sense of why we are honored to have these people as part of our community.

ABED AL SHAHAL is co-owner and Sustainability Strategist of The Crest Gastropub and a recent graduate from the Ohio State University, where he completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Nutrition. Since graduation, he has dedicated much of his time strategizing sustainable food production and accessibility within Columbus. Abed is passionate about educating the public about the health, environmental, social and economical impacts of food choices. Over the past three years he has been actively teaching children, medical students and adults with disabilities with various organizations such as Ohio State, the Clintonville Resource Center, OEFFA, and Local Matters.

MARK ANTHONY ARCEÑO is the Secretary of Slow Food Columbus, Co-Leader of Slow Food on Campus at The Ohio State University, and a graduate student in the OSU Department of Anthropology. In addition, he is a food blogger (Learning through Food) and a food anthropologist focusing on the intersection of food, place, and identity, with particular emphases on terroir and regional French cuisines.

RACHEL TAYSE BAILLIEUL is an urban homesteader at Harmonious Homestead, an organic grower with Swainway Urban Farm, and a food and garden educator with City Folk’s Farm Shop. Rachel brings the soil to table lifestyle to the public through her popular blog, open houses, and workshops on topics such as preserving, fermenting, chicken-keeping, and organic gardening.

BRYN BIRD is a farmer at Bird’s Haven Farm and food activist with Rural Coalition. Bryn is committed to empowering the rural lifestyle while caring out Rural Coalition’s mission—”to work together for a just food and farm policy.” Bryn is the co-founder of the Licking County Local Food Council and Licking County 30-Mile Meal project. Bryn was featured in 2012 on MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” and NPR’s “All Things Considered.” She and her brother, Lee, were named to the 2012 National Farmers Union – Beginning Farmers Institute and 2013 26th International Leadership Summit for Rural Youth in Herrsching, Germany. Their second-generation family operation continues to grow with 215 annual CSA subscriptions, wholesale markets, and Farm-to-School programs.


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