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Announcing “Projects”

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In reflecting on an agenda for this Thursday’s membership meeting, I realized that one of our signal accomplishments last year—forming an expanded Board, with specific committees—emphasized an ongoing problem that we haven’t managed to solve to my satisfaction: connecting members to ongoing or potential projects.

Right now, the only mechanism for a member to be involved is by proposing an event. That’s worked out to be a very good system, but it doesn’t address the needs of members who want to be involved without having a specific event to propose. People can email us, of course, but we often encounter opportunities that we’d like to publicize more widely.

That’s the purpose of this series of posts. If we learn of an opportunity or an ongoing project that requires additional people, we’ll post it here, write it up on Facebook, tweet about it, and in general try to get the word out. You can read the entire series of “Projects” posts by clicking on this link. (Bookmark it now!) Over the next week or so we’ll collect information about available projects and post them here for you to read. If you want to participate in a project, just comment on that project’s blog entry. Be sure to include your email address when posting (it won’t be displayed publicly) and we’ll put you in touch with the project leader.

We hope this will keep everyone as informed as possible and let our Chapter reach its potential in terms of engagement. Thanks for taking part.

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