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Announcing “Off the Menu”

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With this month’s “Flavors of Thailand” dinner at Nida’s Thai on High, we open the door to a new series of events that we call “Off the Menu.”  The idea for the series comes from an experience that many of us have had, in one form or another, with the chefs that we’ve gotten to know in our favorite restaurants.  We’ll be talking with them about food (big surprise) and they’ll make some offhand comment about some dish or ingredient or style of cooking that they themselves find really interesting.  And we say, “That sounds great!  Why don’t you make that sometime?  Either as a regular menu item or as a special—I’d love to try it!”

Their answers vary.  Sometimes, they say it’s too unusual or too exotic to have widespread appeal.  In other cases, it might just be something that’s unknown, and customers tend to stick with what they know.  Or the ingredients would add up to a somewhat higher price than what most customers think Columbus restaurants should charge.  But in the end, the bottom line is the same:  “We don’t think people would buy it.”

And we always walk away thinking the same thing:  “I bet I know some people who would.”

So we want to give the chefs of Columbus an opportunity to take a risk—to drop us a line and let us know what they would imagine doing if they could have their way, maybe on a night they’re not usually open, as Nida is doing, or maybe as a set of specials on a regular night.  Who knows… perhaps these events can help to stimulate demand.  In the long run we’d love to see some of these events give rise to occasional specials, or further events, like the recent snout-to-tail dinners at DeepWood and G. Michael’s, that help all of us, as consumers, to push our boundaries further.

Off the Menu: The Flavors of Thailand

Kor Moo Yang (grilled pork)
Sai Grog Isaan (Thai sausages)
Namm (preserved raw pork)
Soup nor Mai (spicy bamboo shoot salad)
Nam Ta Krai (lemongrass juice)
Kai Pa loh (hard boiled egg with pork in soy sauce)
Gang Pa (spicy soup with pork ribs)
Pad Woon Sen (stir-fried bean thread noodles with tomato and tofu)
Gra Prow Moo (basil with ground pork and chicken gizzard)
Num Kang Sai (Thai fruit with coconut milk and ice)

Also included will be a small preview of
spring/summer cocktail specials from the bar

$37 member / $45 nonmember; reservations required